Kalen has been working within the financial planning industry for several years and has been exposed to a wide variety of planning services across a large spectrum of clients. Through doing so, Kalen has had the opportunity to gain work alongside many people in helping them lay down the foundations for their financial future.

Since beginning work in financial planning and realising a passion for the subject, Kalen has continued to study more and more to enhance his knowledge so that he can utilise this for the benefit of the individuals he works with. Kalen has recently completed his Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning intending to complete a Masters in the near future, with plenty more study to follow afterwards.

Kalen’s career goal for the foreseeable is to continue with refining his financial acumen so that he is able to offer comprehensive financial advice to the people he engages with, so to deliver the best recommendations and offer quality strategic advice for his clients.

Outside of the workplace, Kalen is a keen sportsman, having an extensive background in Olympic Weightlifting and athletics, although since moving to Melbourne Kalen’s attention has shifted and he is now a member of the Yarra Yarra Rowing club, while complementing it with the avid cycling on weekends with stops at cafes along the way.


  • Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning

Contact Info:

Phone: (03) 8627 1771

Email: kalen.hopkins@spw.com.au